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Valentine’s Day customs which originally developed in early modern English regions and speeded throughout the English-speaking areas during the 19th century.

The celebration of Valentine Day Worldwide 

happy valentine day

By the later 20th and earlier 21 centuries, this tradition spread to the different region of the world, however, their impact has been greater constrained than those of Halloween, or that aspect of Christmas, (which include Santa Claus).

Because of a focused marketing attempt, Valentine’s Day is well known in some East Asian countries South Korea and Chinese region where the peoples spend a lot of money on this occasion for giving valentine gifts. 

Valentine Day In Americas And Latin America

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In the major part of Latin American countries, as an instance, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Costa Rica Valentine’s day are referred to as the day of die de Los Enamorados y which means the day of friendship and affection.

Mostly peoples on this special day act as the appreciation for their loving ones,

In Guatemala, it is considered as the “día del cariño” means affection day.

Some nations, specifically the El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, have customs known as amigo secret (the friends who are not shown or secret, which is also a recreation tradition as the mysterious Santa in Christianity culture.

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Brazilians also celebrate this event, in their language they called it Dia dos Namorados which means Boy/Girlfriend day or the lover’s day.

Whilst historically many single women carry out famous rituals, called sympathies, so one can find a correct husband or boyfriend. Couples give cards, candies, chocolate, flower, and gifts to each other.

Valentine’s Day is not only celebrated on February 14 as it commonly comes too little later or earlier than the carnival of Brazil.

That’s why it can come from Feb. to March and remains the whole week, especially in Brazil.

Tree Decorated In San Diego with Image Of Hearts

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On the Valentine day in the United States, about one hundred ninety million Valentine’s Day cards are dispatched every year, along with the hundreds million cards were exchanged by school kids.

Valentine’s Day is also famous for the monetary activity in the country and peoples spending on this occasion in the U.S.A. ranges from $18.2 billion by the year 2017 which is calculated as over $136/- spending per person, which is increased by $28/- per person from 2010.

Valentine Day In Asia, China

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In the Chinese language, Valentine’s Day is called lovers’ festival.

The “Chinese language Valentine’s Day is qixi festival, celebrated at the 7th day of the 3rd month of the lunar calendar year.

In Chinese tradition, there is some observance concerned with the lovers, considered as “the night of the sevens”.

In step with the cowherd, the legend, and the megastar are generally separated via the Silvery River but permitted to fulfill through crossing it on the seventh day of the seventh month of the Chinese traditional calendar.

Valentine Day In Asia, India

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In antiquity In India, there has been a story of adoring Kamadeva, who was the lord of affection; exemplified through the erotic carvings in the Khajuraho organization of the monuments.

This lifestyle becomes misplaced around the center ages, while Kamadeva became now not celebrated, and public shows of sexual affection have become frowned upon

Valentine’s Day celebrations did not start up in India until 1992. It changed into unfolding due to the programs in commercial television channels, which includes MTV, special radio programs.

Economic liberation association also helped the Valentine card industry. The celebration also has a quick change in people behavior about affection.

happy valentine day 2018

In modern years, Islamic and the Hindu historians have noted that there is cultural pollution as a consequence of globalization in India.

Globalization concerns destroyed traditions in society, the arranged marriage, joint family’s web, full-time mothers are the part of the Hindu culture.

Apart from the original Indian culture, the day of Valentine is getting famous in India but it is strongly criticized by the post-Colonial Indians.

Valentine Day In Iran

happy valentine day 2018 date

In the first part of the 21st century, Iran celebrates Valentine Day, but the Islamic religious organizations criticized this event.

By the year2011, in Iran, the printed material like cards, gifts, and the small-sized bear started distributed.

The Valentine’s Day was forcefully promoted in favor of the western cultural celebration.

Iran’s Cultural and Natural Events Association have been working since 2006 to make a national holiday in Separarmazgan on February 17, to get to the western resort location.


In Israel, the Valentine Day equivalent Jewish Tu B’Av tradition was formed.

The 15th day of the month of August is the day of the celebration of this day. In the ancient time, girls usually wear white color dresses with dancing in the vine courts.

Today the secular people holiday is called Tu B’Av which is celebrated with the Valentine Day, it is also associated with many others traditions of the western cultures.

At present in Israeli tradition, Tu B’Av is a famous day for lovers, to propose girls and men for marriages, and to exchange gifts like flowers and cards.


Morozoff Ltd. in Japan announced Valentine Day, its first holiday in 1936 when it launched an ad for foreigners.

Later on, by the time 1953, the delivery of chocolate of the shape of hearts is promoted.

At this occasion in Japan especially, office ladies give gifts like chocolate to their colleagues, Unlike Western countries.

In fact, originally the chocolates were given, but now clothes, jewelry, accessories gifts are always the same.

The Japanese chocolate manufacturers getting half of their yearly sales during the Valentine Day.

On Valentine Day in Japan, by submitting an equal value of the gift is thought to be a way of saying that the relationship is cut off.


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