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kalash Valley Homes View
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Do You Ever Hear About the Valley Of Kalash? Here Is an Interesting Story about It.

I believe that part of human nature is the need for similarities and the establishment of links. When we consider individually in the intensity of the strange waters, we either feel cornered.

That is the story of one of my friend Johns Ceisor, he told me this story when I met him in the valley of Kalash and now I am narrating here in his own wording for your interest.


Kalash Valley, the Heaven on Earth

In Lombard, there is a small valley of Kalash, I am away from the bustling and noise of everyday life. Here is a very beautiful place; it is not only beautiful and pleasant but also distant and hidden from the world.

The Kalaisian language originates from the Indo-European language – the Hindi language branch, which is a special language branch of the Indians, which is not divided geographically northeast and northwest (typical of the southeast, Bengal Sinhala Gujarat Nepal Indy, Calash.

A Beautiful View Of Kalash

Like Kalash in India and Pakistan, there are many vast green lands in which the land of Kashmir is also very famous but the Kashmiri people are distributed in the Kashmir in India and Pakistan where there are green valleys.

The Division of the Sub-Continent

Indian and Pakistan Kashmir division is a very nonsense from the British ruler who divided this sub-continent very badly, that’s why there is still a major conflict between these two atomic power countries, we will take you to the valley of Kashmir some other time but now in this story it is all about the valley of Kalash.

A Lake View

It is assumed that some of the Kalash valley people may be descendants of the Alexandrian army, but that does not mean that the custom has a hickory remnant.

Kalash peoples have a mixed race, but if you look at the town figure you will observe that people are looks like ancient Greek.

A Typical School

Kalash Peoples Are Pakistan’s Mysterious Ethnic Minority

The Alexandrian giant and its light regiment arrived at the Kuna Valley in eastern Afghanistan and entered the northwestern part of Pakistan via the Nevado Yamaguchi and eventually left a new city with fortifications Scardo that is the specific reason why some of the soldiers were separated from the regiment and were stranded in the valley of Kalash.


Alexander, Invader Of Kalash Valley

After entering Asia, perhaps Alexander began to sprout away from Macedonia’s ambition and began to consider the establishment of a huge empire and make himself a powerless emperor, his power and territory will be more than King of King Darius.

Kalasha People Enjoyment

In the case of Alexander’s permission, a team of soldiers led by the generals of General Sarah Kash was married to the locals and stayed in the valley of today’s Kalash and refused to accept the traditions of the conquistadors, since then the integration of national and cultural, And eventually formed the outside world called Calash people.

The History Of The Kalash Valley

Another argument is that the Kalash people are indeed descendants of ancient Greece, but before Alexander and his army arrived in the area.

They have brewed the wines and were buried in the woods of the carved sun god Apollo totem, and in the spring of 327 BC, they greeted the arrival of the Alexandrian giant.

kalash Valley Homes View

Many ethnic groups in Asia and Europe have claimed to be descendants Of the Alexander army, and some royal family is claiming the descendants of Alexander the king itself (similar to the Huns also said that they are descendants of the Yellow Emperor),

The Infrastructure Of The Kalash Valley

kalash valley

The infrastructure here, such as schools and healthcare, is much lower than the social standard.

The floods in this area were devastating, and the floods last year destroyed the main roads and the livelihoods of the area.

Some local non-governmental organizations and international non-governmental organizations occasionally come back to help people here but are all drunk.

Those who want to know the community will observe the children of this group. Both men and women, I see every child of Calash is going to school.

The schools in Kalash are in very bad conditions, space and equipment are very poor, but the teachers here are very inspirational.

Houses in Kalash

Some parents cannot afford a higher level of education tuition fees, and even some basic education cannot be afforded by them, but the whole region together to overcome these difficulties.

I am surprised that all students are required to pass the Islamic doctrine test. Every morning I hear the voice of recitation of Holy Quran.

In such an oppressed community, their inhabitants are usually excluded from foreigners. However, the situation here is just the opposite.

Pakistan’s people are well-known for their hospitality, and the people here have the great habits of hospitality.

The Hospitality Of The Kalashian Peoples

Game Of Polo In Kalash

They warmly welcome us to their home, school, and we attend various ceremonies. They also invited us to dinner and we celebrated with them.

Although we are completely different from them in terms of religion, language, culture, customs, and way of life, we have a strong friendship with them.

Fruit Market

The Kalasians and the Muslim population in this valley live in harmony. But the outside world does not know how to live together, they start to create a variety of disputes.

It is time for us to identify the Kalash people as part of their own country. It is time to stop the international community to show off their help, and in the rest of the time, they ignored.


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