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Merry Christmas Images
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Merry Christmas 2018 is a festival in which Christendom commemorates celebrate the birth of Jesus, which is usually set by Western Christian on December 25, Merry Christmas 2018 celebrated in a lot of countries, especially in Western countries, the Christian culture is the mainstream of the region’s public holidays and peoples share Merry Christmas 2018 Images, Wishes and Greeting to Friends.

In places other than churches, Merry Christmas has been transformed into a folk festival, and often close to the date of the Gregorian New Year together, In Christian countries, Christmas has the dual functions of religious festivals and cultural festivals.

However, in regions where Christianity is not mainstream (such as East Asia), Christmas is often linked to consumption activities, except for local ecclesiastical groups, As in the Western countries, the Christmas and New Year season is combined with the Happy New Year 2018 of the Gregorian calendar, Week, becoming one of the important shopping seasons.

Among all Chinese and ethnic Chinese, Christians from Hong Kong, Macau and overseas have a higher proportion of Christians, In Taiwan, Christmas coincides with the constitutional anniversary on the same day. Non-Christians in mainland China have in fact never celebrated the Christmas tradition.

However, after the reform and opening up, with the introduction of popular culture in Europe and the United States, many shopping centers hope to promote business opportunities through Christmas and encourage people to shop, making “Christmas Celebration” popular among non-Christians in Mainland China.

#Merry Christmas 2018 Images

Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas 2017 Images

Merry Christmas 2018 Images

Merry Christmas Images

Merry Christmas Images

merry christmas greetings

Merry Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas 2017 Wishes

Merry Christmas 2018 Wishes

Merry Christmas gifts 2017

Merry Christmas gifts 2018

Origin of the Christmas

There are not many bibles or other documents that record the birth of Jesus, on many different dates, but unfortunately, there is no reasonable explanation for why December 25 is to be remembered and why it should be widely accepted.

Here are a few possible reasons. Christmas did not appear in the early Christian feast, such as Irenaeus and Turku, did not mention it.

Christmas celebrations in December came to Egypt in the fifth century. In Jerusalem, Egeria (also known as Silvia), a pilgrim from Bordeaux, witnessed the Holy Candle Festival which is 40 days after Christmas.

In Antioch, around 386 CE, John Chrysostom called on the church to celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25, while as some others celebrate this feast on other days from a decade.

Merry Christmas 2018 is based on Good Friday.

Since the exact date of Jesus’ death was clearly recorded in the four Gospels, according to Matthew 26:17, Jesus celebrated the Passover the night before with his disciples, so Jesus died on the 14th of the Jewish calendar, equivalent to the New Calendar March 25 or April 6.

According to the Old Testament prophecy of the Bible (Daniel 9:27), Jesus was killed three and a half years after he began his ministry.

#Merry Christmas 2018 Wishes

#Merry Christmas Gifts 2018

Date of Celebration

Merry Christmas wishes, according to the calendar used by Christian denominations are different, so they celebrate Christmas dates differently.

The Bible does not record the true date of Jesus’ birth. The survey on the Birthday of Jesus Christ began only 200 years after the death of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Date in Scandinavian Countries

For most Christians in the Western world ( Roman Catholic and Protestant ), Christmas is on December 25th; and in Coptic, Jerusalem, Russia, Serbia and Georgia and other Orthodox areas, Christmas is on January 7.

Bulgaria and Romania are also orthodox parishes, but their Christmas dates followed by Western European customs as December 25, but on Easter, they follow the Orthodox habits.

#Merry Christmas 2018 Greetings

Customs and Celebrations

There are numerous Merry Christmas customs, including secular, religious, national, Merry Christmas related in different countries.

Most people are familiar with the Christmas symbols and events, such as Christmas trees, Merry Christmas turkey, yule log, holly, mistletoe, Christmas wreaths and give each other gifts.

The celebration of the winter solstice took place there long before Christianity reached in northern Europe, and today the word Christmas is still paganjul (or yule) in Scandinavian, But the Christmas tree is considered to be the first to appear in Germany.

Merry Christmas in Russian Federation

After the Russian Revolution, Merry Christmas celebrations were banned for 75 years by the Soviet Communist Party.

Even among the fundamentalist and puritan groups of some Christian denominations today, there are still some Christian Emerging religions such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, who still regard Merry Christmas as a pagan bishop-approved festival.

What is Santa Claus?

The Santa Claus in French, called Pere Noel (almost exactly the same as Santa), was inspired by Coca-Cola’s red-and-white clothes and painted the Santa Claus image of the world in the 1930s.

At North American and British supermarkets during the Christmas season, there are children who demand Santa Claus for their presence.

In many countries, children prepare empty containers so that Santa Claus can pack in small gifts such as toys, sweets or fruit.

Merry Christmas Greetings And Gifts for Children on Christmas

In the United States, children hang Christmas socks on fireplaces on Christmas Eve, because Santa Claus said he would drop the gift into socks on a Christmas Eve from the chimney.

Gift giving is not related to Santa Claus, family members and friends also give gifts to each other.

St. Nicholas’ Day is still the day of giving gifts. In many parts of Germany, on the evening of December 25, children hand their shoes out on a windowsill and the next morning they found the shoes full of candies and small presents.

In Germany, the main date of gift giving is December 24, when Santa Claus presents itself at places under the Christmas tree.

The same is true in Hungary, except that the gift-giving person is “Little YHVH,” not Santa Claus.

In many areas, including the Netherlands, Merry Christmas holidays still preserve its religious character.

In most parts of the world, Christmas gifts are delivered on Christmas night or Christmas morning. Until recently, the British gave gifts to friends on Boxing Day.

Christmas Cards

Christmas card originated in 1844 when Queen Victoria of London celebrated Christmas at Windsor in London.

They wrote a letter inviting elite children to attend the Merry Christmas banquet in Windsor, and wrote on the invitation card Words of blessing Later on, everyone followed suit, congratulating each other on Christmas and New Year with the words of greeting on the cards, so people began to offer Christmas cards to each other at Christmas to express blessings and care.

By the end of the nineteenth century, Britain had a young man named Henkel, who is an apprentice to an engraving shop.

One year of Christmas, Henkel was very busy with his work and have no time to write a blessing to his family and friends, invited a famous painter to draw beautiful patterns on white paper.

Finally, Henkel was in the middle of the sheet of paper and wrote Congratulations on the “Happy New Year!”

Greeting card has become a unique Christmas card. Merry Christmas card is very popular in the United States and Europe, but also as one of the ways to maintain the relationship between friends and families.

Christmas Tree

Many families bring the annual family photo or family news with the greeting card (family news generally includes features of family members over the past year, etc.).Christmas decoration Matamata arrangement (a common Christmas art arrangement), in which in the background is a Christmas tree.

In western countries, Christmas is also a family reunion and a family festival, usually decorated Christmas tree to increase the festive atmosphere. Christmas tree is generally used cedar cypress evergreen like to make, a symbol of life forever.

The tree which is decorated with a variety of lights, flowers, toys, stars, hanging on a variety of Merry Christmas gifts. Christmas night, people sing and dance around the Christmas tree, and enjoy the life with friends and indoors decorated with garlands and evergreens, and special Holly in which Mistletoe materials are traditionally used.

In North and South America and in a few European regions, it is traditionally decorated with lights, including sleighs, snowmen and other Merry Christmas images decorated with lights. Among the tree-top stars is the glory of Christ.

To the Nativity, the gold ribbons of glory, the silver / white ribbons of holiness, and the red ribbons of Christ’s blood.

Christmas plants also include holly, red amaryllis, Christmas cactus.

In general, municipalities also support Christmas decorations, hanging Christmas banners in the streets or placing Christmas trees in the square.

In view of the obvious religious implications of the arrangement, in recent years, the government and commercial establishments have also arranged Christmas trees.

In the United States, prosecutors have repeatedly sued for including the religious theme of the decorations of government agencies.

The prosecution considers it a violation of religious freedom because the government endorses a particular religious practice.

Social Aspects and Entertainment

In many countries, businesses, schools, and organizations organize Christmas parties and parties in the weeks before Christmas.

Some organizations also have Christmas parade shows, performances sometimes include the story of the Nativity. Some groups also have open-air singing activities such as visiting neighbors singing Christmas songs.

Some people want to use holidays to call attention to the relationship between people, to participate in special volunteer work or charitable fund-raising activities.

On Christmas or Christmas Eve, people often prepare a sumptuous Christmas dinner to enjoy, usually in their home country’s traditional cuisine.

In many areas, especially in Eastern Europe, people fasted for a while before the family Christmas dinner. In many countries, candy and dinner are also an important part of Christmas celebrations.

Legend has it that a confectioner who wants to testify about Jesus invented a candy cane because the inverted cane resembled the “J” in the Latin alphabet to indicate the word “Jesus.”

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