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Happy Victoria Day Canada 2018

Happy Victoria Day 2017
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Happy Victoria Day Canada 2018 is a Canadian holiday celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday, which is celebrated every Monday on May 25th.

Victoria Day Canada 2018 is Victoria’s largest parade, and the best option to the sermon this day is to enjoy at the parade ground.

Past year parades have over 150 foreign bands eateries, including American and Canadian bands, festive clowns, musical buzz, cultural entrances and a vast majority of tens of thousands of members.

The parade starts every morning at 9 am on Victoria Day 2018 and remains for about 3 hours.

The route starts at Mayfair Mall and diverts its way along Douglas Avenue from Finlayson moved to Belleville, while these streets closed for traffic from 8-a.m. Best Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals

Victoria Day Canada celebration memories of Queen Victoria birth. Queen Victoria was born in England on 24 May 1819, and take off the throne when she was 18-year old.

She ruled Canadian sovereignty and throughout his rule until he declared the first 4 State Confederations in 1867 and selected Ottawa as the national capital.

That’s why Queen Victoria is considered as the symbol of the Confederacy.

Victoria Day 2018 today is the birthday sermon of this great ruler and also a sign of summer weather.

Though Victoria Day was formally announced at a festival in 1854 to sermon Canada’s oldest holiday, however, it was legally announced in 1901 after the death of the Queen.

Happy Victoria Day Canada 2018 Facts & Quotes

Queen Victoria had 9 kids in the time period from 1840 to 1857, which are Edward VII, Alfred, Arthur and Leopold (boys) and Victoria, Alice, Helen, Louise and Beatrice (girls) and it was Prince Albert who continued to be king after his mother’s death.

Victoria Day is a legal federal holiday. However, the state and regional government invalidate this federal statute in many parts of Canada.

Victoria Day

Victoria Day

In the 4 provinces in the region of Eastern Canada which are (NB, NL, QC, NS,) this sermon is also not popular.

Canadians, as a joke, state that Victoria Day as May 2-4 day. It’s a joke represents 24 bottles of the vine in the beer case.

Mostly Canadians narrates that this is the longest week they have since Easter, and there are a special arrangement for the preparation of this occasion

Is she now no more?

Peoples says that she lives with courage in the heart of her deeds and in the memories of history.

And as the age’s passes, the pure figure stands most prominently against the ages of time, and the decision of the future generations confirms the decision.

Victoria Day 2017

Victoria Day 2018

#Happy Victoria Day 2018 Top Events and Things to Do

  • Enjoy with fireworks show or take a trip to one of the big city centers to watch for more detailed on big screen.
  • Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver are holding big fireworks to honor Queen’s birthday.
  • You also go to enjoy a summer cottage, which is a great idea to enjoy these long holidays.
  • Join a parade in your town. Most cities perform May parades and ongoing celebrations throughout the day.
  • You may enjoy this 3 day weekend in any of the campsites or the riverside by enjoying fishing and bonfire is also a great activity.
Happy Victoria Day

Happy Victoria Day

Some Important historical information about the Happy Victoria day Canada 2018

  1. Canada is honoring the queen birthday in 1819 and announced a holiday for her honor.
  2. Victoria Day is an affair in Canada, and in fact, it is absent from most of England.
  3. However, it is celebrated in a part of Scotland, Edinburgh, where it is a public holiday.
While the holiday date is changed a lot, but the primary rules remain unchanged and explained that this would be on 24 May, but because on 25 of May is Sunday that’s why it is moved to 25 of May.
Victoria Day Canada

Victoria Day Canada

Victoria Day has a legal status in Canadian, but the idea of honoring a British ruler does not fit well among many people in the province of Le Belle, where its name is changed to Festa de Dollard.

It was changed in 2003 to the National Patriots Day in the region of Quebec, and the Queen missed the reference completely.

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