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The Celebration of Flag Day in the U.S.A. it is celebrated on 14th June every year. With the decision of the Second Continental Congress, the United States celebrates their flag from June 14, 1777, American Flag.

The Army of the U.S.A. celebrates birthdays on the same date, while as Congress accepted the “American-continental-army” in the result of a survey conducted in the country.

U.S. President Announced Flag Day In 1916

The U.S. President In the year 1916 announced that by the state order that the Flag Day 2018 will be on 14th of June, and by the year 1949 the National Flag Day has established a Congressional Law, but there will be no federal holiday.

Article 36 of the United States Code, Subtitle I, Chapter A, PART 1, § 110 Official Statute at Flag Day; However, it is at the discretion of the president to officially declare observation. On 14th June year 1937, Pennsylvania State announced the first state to declare a holiday on Flag Day that began in the town of Renner-Dale.

The New York Constitution nominate second Sunday in June as a flag day.

The History of the Flag Day and American Flag

It is thought that the oldest Flag Day is celebrated in the area of Fairfield, Washington. Started in 1909 or maybe in 1910, since that time the parade of Fairfield is celebrating, while as in 2010 the continental parade with some other memorial events is acclaimed.

American Flag Day 2017

American Flag Day 2018

flag day 2016

flag day 2018

Wisconsin, Appleton, considered to be national most historical Flag Day parade, held every year from the year 1950, which is also the most patriotic city of U.S.A.

While as Quincy Massachusetts has been parading of Flag Day since 1952, claiming the longest parade in the country.

flag day 2017

flag day 2018

The largest parade of the Flag Day celebrating every year in the area of Troy of city New York, which is same like the parade to the Quincy and 50,000 peoples contribute this sermon.

Furthermore, three Oaks and Michigan parade of Flag Days are held every year and it is a three days ceremony of oldest Flag Day country wise.

Step By Step Development of Flag Day 2018

flag day

flag day

Many organizations and people play an instrumental aspect of building a country wise Flag Day festival, which are classified in sequential order.

The first reference to a “Flag Day” proposal is shown in Kansas, in a State History Cyclopedia which is published by the Chicago Standard-Publishing Company in 1912, which belongs to George Morris.


Victor Morris of Hartford, Connecticut is given the opportunity to put forward “Flag Day”, which is honored to accept the American flag on 14th June 1777. Prepare the patriotic commandment program to pray for the success of Federal weapons and the protection of the Union in Hartford City.

The Role of Mr. Bernard J. Cigrand From 1885



Waubeka the Stony Hill School in Wisconsin, first official observance of Flag Day, Mr. Bernard J. Cigrand, who worked as a class teacher in Waubeka, Wisconsin in 1895, first officially observed Flag Day at the Stony Hill School.

From the end of the 1880s, Cigrand encouraged patriotism throughout the country, respect for the flag, and observation every year for the Flag Day on 14th June 1777, when the Continental Congress adopted the Strips and Stars.

Why Is Cigrand The Father Of The Flag Day?

national flag

national flag

Cigrand, In June year 1888, argued that a Chicago group had planned for vacation and to hold a speech in front of American’s Sons, The organization established an American Standard magazine to encourage respect for American image.

Cigrand struggled in writing article for the better presentation about the American Flag Day as he was honored for the position editor-in-chief of the magazine.

In June 1894, the third Saturday was a public kid’s ceremony of Flag Day held the city of Chicago, Garfield, Douglas, Lincoln and Humboldt and about 300 K kids participated and this tradition was continued the coming years.

Why Cigrand Became the President of Flag Day 2018 Organization?

American Flag patch

American Flag patch

A further improvement is this that Cigrand was elected as the Flag Day organization president and he was authorized to enhance the American Flag Day movement by the association backing.

Cigrand once said that he made 2,188 speeches on patriotism and the flag.

From 1913 to 1932 Cigrand resides in Batavia-Illinois.

Recognizing that the Chicago Tribune has “almost alone” the holiday, Cigrand is generally considered the “Father of the Flag Day”.

The Role of Mr. William T. Kerr

american flag bunting

American flag bunting

Another personality named William T. Kerr, who was the resident of Pittsburgh and shifted his residence to Yeadon, Pennsylvania was considered as chairperson of the Association of American Flag Day in 1888 and worked in this position for 50 years.

President Harry S. Truman signed the Congress Law in 1949 and officially comply with this law.

Struggles of Mr. George Bolch

Further, in the year 1889, the kindergarten director George Bolch, the revolution and the Flag Day event were celebrated by George Bolch.

Efforts of Elizabeth Duane Gillespie In 1893

american flag pictures

American flag pictures

Elizabeth Duane Gillespie in 1893, the son of Benjamin Franklin and the Pennsylvania Colonials’ family, tried to make a decision that required the American flag in Philadelphia to be exhibited on every holiday on National Flag

Elizabeth Duane Gillespie Secondary School was added to the National Register as historic spots in the coming year in 1989.

Flag Day Resolution

american flag

American flag

The American fraternal organization celebrates the feast since from the first day of the organization and commitment to the flag is an obligation of every member.

In 1907, BPOE Grand Lodge was determined to be the Flag Day on June 14th. The Emperor’s Grand Duke, in 1911, agreed to mandatory tutelage by each Dormitory, and this condition continues.

The Paterson leaders, along with posters stating that the strikers attempted to portray strikers outside of the United States when the city walked with its American flags.

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